Equity Council

Establishment of District and Charter School Equity Councils

The opportunity to lead with equity-focused leadership and through continuous improvement is at the forefront of this work. NMPED will work with each district and charter school to establish a Superintendent’s/Executive Director’s equity council, with members who are selected from the

district and charter school community. These councils will provide leadership to create an equity plan based on a Martinez and Yazzie readiness assessment at the district level or at each charter school, specific to the needs of economically disadvantaged students, Native American students, English learners, and students with disabilities. Further guidance regarding the establishment of the equity councils and the content and administration of the readiness assessments will be forthcoming. The members of the equity councils must be named by December 9, 2019.

DCCCHS Stakeholders were notified of the establishment of the equity council. Those that were interested in participating were entered into a pool, along with suggestions of people that would fit the criteria required to be a part of the council. From that pool, a randomized selection process was done to select the council. The only positions that were not in the selection process were the school leadership and business manager positions that are required and needed for discussion s on the budget and funding purposes.

Equity Council Members:

Kayla Martinez, Interim Director

Chris Masters, Business Manager

Violeta Bustamante, Teacher

Claudia Vasquez, Parent

Antonio Guerrero, Community member/Governing Council member



NMPED Memo regarding Martinez Yazzie