Graduation Requirements



The New Mexico law requires that every New Mexico high school student complete a “next step plan”.  Next Step plans begin at the end of the eighth grade as students are registering for the ninth grade.  The plan lays out the courses that the student plans to take over the next four years to reach graduation requirements and college entrance requirements, if applicable.

The focus for all of these required activities is to help the student prepare for graduation and a successful life after graduation.  The school will assist students in preparing next-step plans. Below are the minimum graduation unit requirements prescribed by the New Mexico Public Education Department:

2013-2014 incoming ninth graders. Successful completion of the requirements of the New Mexico diploma of excellence shall be required for graduation for students entering the ninth grade beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.  Successful completion of a minimum of twenty-nine units aligned to the state academic content and performance standards shall be required to earn a New Mexico diploma of excellence at Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School. These units shall be as follows:


  • 4 units in English, with major emphasis on grammar, nonfiction writing and literature;
  • 4 units in mathematics, of which one shall be the equivalent to or higher than the level of algebra 2, unless the parent submitted written, signed permission for the student to complete a lesser mathematics unit;
  • 3 units in science, two of which shall have a laboratory component;
  • 3.5 units in social science, which shall include United States history and geography, world history and geography and government and economics, and one-half unit of New Mexico history;
  • 1unit in physical education;
  • 1 unit in one of the following:   a career cluster course, workplace readiness or a language other than English; and
  • 7.5 elective units that meet department content and performance standards.  Student service learning shall be offered as an elective.  Financial literacy shall be offered as an elective.
  • 1 unit of Career Cluster or Work Readiness
  • 1 unit of Health
  • 1 unit of Advanced Placement, Distance Learning, or Dual Enrollment

–          In addition, students are required to participate in the Project-Based Learning Activities during each year.

–          To graduate, students must pass all subject areas of the SBA or the NM Alternative Demonstration of Competency Exam.

There will be one commencement for all semesters in May of each school year.  Students must have passed all competency exam subject areas and must have completed all credits to participate in the graduation ceremony.